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My personal favorite is anytime but June. June is spawning month, as a result the big fish vanish during that month and lay eggs in holes and structure. So as a trophy catfish guide, we do not fish the month of June. But for flathead catfish specifically I suggest April and May.

You will need a valid Alabama fishing license and that can be purchased online or many bait and tackle/retailers here, and cooler for your drinks/food. But anything else you wish to bring is optional.

For spring we tend to book almost 1 year in advance because it’s a prime season especially for flatheads and people come from all over the country for this. But any other time of year I suggest at least 1 month notice. But we’ve done short notice trips many times so contact me and check availability.

Absolutely! Those are some the funniest and most memorable trips for us. Until you’ve watched a child land a fish that outweighs them. You haven’t seen comedy yet.

*As a result of state laws children under 8 years old have to wear a life jacket while underway and while on board at all times.

You Can! You’re on vacation so enjoy yourselves. But please drink responsibly. But if anyone over consumes and/or becomes a liability for any reason or a threat to the captain and/or your crew the trip will immediately end and no refunds given.

Yes you can and many people do this and is very common, but call us for setting up multiple dates and to check open dates. 

Basically, yes! So this is another common situation. Many tournament anglers often want to use their boat and electronics as well so I can look at them for optimized performance and to gain knowledge of the lake and/or feeding patterns.

Absolutely! But contact us for your date and for more information.

We can but we need a minimum 6 month notice so we can schedule multiple boats (up to 4 boats) for your party. But smaller parties of 6-8 people need a minimum 1 month notice for 2 boats.

The captain handles all the messy stuff so you shouldn't get bloody and messy. However, when its time to hoist that monster catfish up for a picture, you will be covered in slime! As a result, we suggest you wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

We are very limited on restrooms but there is a couple depending on the section of lake we are fishing. So if it is an emergency be sure to let the captain know and we will try to accommodate. 

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