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The premiere Tennessee River catfish guide service.

Are you ready to catch the APEX predator?

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Why Backwoods Catfishing Guide Service?

Whether you’ve never held a fishing rod or you’re a seasoned tournament angler, we’ve got you covered! Our large, safe, and spacious U.S.C.G compliant vessels are maintained to the highest standards to keep you safe and comfortable while hunting for the monsters that lurk in Guntersville Lake and Wheeler Lake on the world famous Tennessee River in North Alabama.

The captains here are certified. So that means they are U.S.C.G licensed and they’ve been evaluated, tested, and trained both physically and mentally by the U.S.C.G, DOT, and Department of Homeland Security. We’re born and raised on the Tennessee River so we’re locals here and fish these waters nearly every day. We know it like the back of our hands!

We have the best of the best vessels and gear made for trophy catfish. Combining our outstanding captains, the knowledge of catfish they process, and some of the worlds most technological boats is also what makes us a premiere Tennessee River catfish guide service.

What to expect for your trophy cat trip.

First and foremost it’s fishing. But we try everything in our power to make everyday a grand slam on the Tennessee River, rarely it’s just a bad day of fishing. So you shouldn’t lose your hard earned money just because of that. So here at Backwoods Catfishing we have a NO FISH/FREE TRIP policy. Meaning the next trip is 100% covered by us if we do not catch a fish. But don’t worry we’ve yet to use that before.

20-40lb class fish are very common for us. We’re targeting much bigger though and looking to set records every time a hook touches the water. We do not target fish less than 10lbs unless requested for eaters. All fish over 10lbs are released to continue conservation of this amazing fishery.

We rod and reel fish only. The captain will set up the rods and rigs. But once that rod folds over and the drag is screaming, it’s up to you and your crew to land the one that didn’t get away. Furthermore, We’ve had people tap out before, so if you need assistance during the fight, please ask!

Finally, our fishing methods change constantly from bottom fishing, trolling/dragging, suspend fishing, bumping, to advanced planer board fishing. If you wish to learn a specific technique please ask the captain and inquire before booking for advice on the best time of year for that method.

What does our clients have to say?

Tennessee River Catfish Guide

I caught my fish of a lifetime with capt. Josh weighing 102 lbs. I’ve been with him multiple times and each time we’ve caught some really big fish. Highly recommend Backwoods Catfishing to anyone looking for an experience they will never forget.

- Billy